Monday, September 7, 2009

Aircrack-ng 1.0

Yes, 1.0 final, finally :)

There are not much changes compared to the 1.0rc4, just a few fixes. Here is the changelog:

- airserv-ng: Now works fine between 32 and 64bit OSes.
- wesside-ng: Fixed some endianness bugs
- airodump-ng-oui-update: Make sure the user is root when updating the file.
- airmon-ng: Updated iw download link (0.9.17).
- All: Fixed compilation with some gcc.
- patches: Added missing patches from mac80211_2.6.28-rc4-wl_frag+ack_v3.patch
- manpage: Updated aireplay-ng manpage.
- INSTALLING: Removed (now) useless requirement for OSX installation.
- GUI (windows): Fixed 2nd selection of a capture file.

For those who use subversion, the sources are not in sync with the trunk. The reason is that svn commit is currently broken.

It broke during a Debian update and we're still trying to figure out how to fix it (It should be fixed by the end of September in one way or another). We've pinpointed the issue and found that the reason is because of the authentication but since we did not change anything to the configuration, I have no idea why it suddenly broke. If anybody knows how to fix it, that would be great.

Last but not least, we're also launching the new website (and logo) as explained in a previous post: New Stuff. Feedback is welcome.


  1. Well done guys.
    The new website looks great.
    I look forward to trying the many new additions to aircrack-ng.

  2. Good work guys. Can't wait to install this new version.

  3. Congratulations !

    About your SVN problem...
    I guess this means that "update-aircrack" will not work on a Slitaz install.
    Are you going to release a new ISO with this 1.0 final ?

    Thanks for you job, well done !
    And nice new website

  4. I am really looking forward to trying this out, thanks a lot guys! You are amazing!

  5. Well done guys! I plan to try it out asap. Are you planning to update the vm version soon?

  6. Awesome work, kept it up guys!

  7. Great job! Thanks!

  8. Yes, I'll update the vm soon but only aircrack-ng (apt-get would make it grow a lot and that means much more to download for you guys).

  9. how is the progress of the svn fix??

  10. Slow, other things keep me busy.

    I think that I'll get another server instead of trying to fix that issue (we'll have to do it sooner or later).
    I'll work on the new server and keep the current system up and running until everything is transferred on the new server.

  11. Thank you very much for all your effort. You are the best guys. Greetings from Catalonia!

  12. nice work duds :) am very happy

  13. Great job!
    From Russia with love =)

  14. I'm curious about the possibility of porting Aircrack-ng to the Android platform. I'm sure there will be people who wuold buy an application like this (not just kids that want to play hackers but professionals who might use it as a tool), if it's legal of course.

  15. Still looking forward to that fix for Debian platforms. Specifically, I'm running the Xandros flavor (EeePC variety), which apparently requires an etch compatible header. Latest available I've found is RC2. Would love to see a newer build (RC4 or later).

  16. half nerd half amazing!!!

    aircrack-ng and most importnantly its documentation/wiki is just great. much rescect and many many thx.

  17. Good job, guys. I can not wait to do this. Thank a lot.

  18. Guys

    I am new to Ubuntu & AirCracK-NG, so forgive my ignorance.


    Am I correct in thinking that contains the latest builds?

    What is the issue with the build numbering system, can any body explain in full here, so it can be fixed with out the need to rebuild on another server?

    Thanks in advance.

    ADarkGerm -

  19. thank you for youre awsome job congratulation from Puerto rico we are fans of youre work

  20. Thanks so much for these useful tools!