Saturday, November 30, 2013

Aircrack-ng 1.2 Beta 2 release

Here is a second beta. Enjoy it ;)

Release Notes:
  • Airbase-ng IE order fixed
  • Improved WEP cracking speed using PTW
  • Fixed WPA capture decryption when WMM is used
  • Fixed memory leaks in several parts of the suite
  • Fixed compilation with recent version of gcc, on cygwin and on Gentoo hardened
  • Now using Coverity Scan for static code analysis
  • Lots of other small fixes

Detailed changelog:
  • Airbase-ng: Fixed order of IE when creating soft Access Point.
  • Airbase-ng: Fixed Caffe Latte Attack not working for all clients.
  • Aircrack-ng: Improved PTW speed thanks to Ramiro Polla.
  • Airmon-zc: Fixed improper use of the interface.
  • Airdecap-ng: Fixed decoding captures with WMM enabled.
  • Various: Fixed memory leaks in Aircrack-ng, Aireplay-ng, OSdep.
  • Added support for static analysis using Coverity Scan.
  • Fixed compilation due to PIC unfriendly assembly on Gentoo hardened.
  • Fixed running tests using 'make check'.
  • Fixed building aircrack-ng with recent version of gcc and also on cygwin.
  • Various other small fixes.