Sunday, August 15, 2010

Monthly news - August 2010

NeoPwn changed their plan and prefer to release it when the final version is ready. It will finally be called NeoPwn v2.

They plan to do two betas:
  • Private beta containing the control panel, the injection driver and installer but the number of requests is limited
  • Public beta without the control panel, injection driver and installer once the project has reached beta stage.
The final version will be free to download when it is completed and a safe installation process has been developped.

Their website contains more details about the release plan.

I tested the driver and so far it is working really well as you can see:

Last month, the video was showing the injection test on the N900. If you watch carefully, you can note that one of the BSSID is 00:00:00:00:00:00. I first thought it was a bug in aircrack-ng but it's not. I was told it's a unconfigured AP. It only sends beacons and jumps on different channels. If you're as curious as me, here is a capture file with just a beacon.

  • WiFiCake-NG 1.7 is a Perl/TK interface for manipulating the CSV of airodump-ng. You can find more details in the forum thread here. Their website contains a youtube video as well as a PDF manual for the application.