Thursday, March 8, 2012


We have at least 2 or 3 times a day on IRC the questions about compiling drivers (and more in the forum) and we always say that you have to patch them like explained in the wiki.

As said thousand of times (I just want to avoid having to say it again in the future), you should ALWAYS take the latest compat-wireless version NO MATTER what your kernel version is.

Compat-wireless version is related to the kernel version in a way that it has the features a kernel version has. So, there is no point in taking the same version as your kernel because all you will do is having the  features (and not fix anything) that you already had in your kernel (minus the patches from your distro if any were applied).

Compat-wireless with dates (instead of version) is the most up to date and it comes from git. So if you are not a developer (who wants to debug/work with them), then you should not use these.

You can get much more details (and downloads) on Linux Wireless website.

To summarize (or if you don't want to read anything else in this post): ALWAYS take the latest version of compat-wireless (don't take the one with dates).