Friday, August 7, 2009

New stuff

Hello everybody,

sorry for not posting anything since some time now, but we have been really busy these days and we got new stuff for you:
- 1.0 rc4 last week
- 1.0 final release date
- Planned features in 1.1
- New logo
- New website

I guess you saw there was a release, 1.0rc4 a bit more than a week ago.
This fixes a lot of stuff (and add some new). It fixes compilation not only on linux but also on BSD plateforms (OpenBSD compilation is fixed) and others ...
The changelog speaks by itself ;)

Here are some planned features for 1.1:
- Be able to use directly cowpatty tables in aircrack-ng (without having to convert them to airolib-ng).
- OSX capture (and maybe injection) with some adapters (Ticket #653).
- Improved WPA handshake detection.
- Bug fixes (of course)
- ...

We also have been working on a new website. Here is a preview:
The goal of this new design is to be able to reduce the traffic on the website, currently around 1Tb each month and also to be give a quick access to important information.
As explained in an earlier post, it will not replace the wiki, it will just be the home page and be next to the wiki (you can keep all your bookmarks).
If you (still) have any remark (or improvements) about the new design, you can still post them in the forum (you don't need to register to post).

The logo contest is over and we have a new logo. Here is a preview (winner: segini75). We will also sell t-shirts soon (I know a good website for europe but I still have to find one for the US).

Last but not least, the new website (and new logo) will be launched at the same time as the 1.0 final release in a week or two if no big bugs are found in rc4 :)