Wednesday, April 13, 2022 'any/any' change

We have been building every commit in git and every release for different Linux distributions for a while. If you want to read about it, we have more details in a previous blog post.

Long story short, we compile them statically so they will work on any Linux system, and there no need for us to compile for each of distribution specifically (and figure out all the dependencies). Afterward, we have to build a simple .deb and .rpm packages, then tag them for each distribution we want to offer them for in PackageCloud.

However, whenever a new distribution was released, there was a delay before it became available in PackageCloud, so, from time to time, we miss one.

We recently noticed in the PackageCloud documentation that we can tag them with any/any for .deb, and rpm_any/rpm_any for .rpm instead. This matches ALL current distributions, future distributions, and future distributions releases, so we won't have to worry about adding new ones.

We have committed the change in our GitHub repository, and the first packages using it are the ones in the PackageCloud git repository. The release repository will follow when we release the next version.

What does that mean for you?

If you were using our packages before, then you will have to reinstall it (and likely remove the PackageCloud entry in your repository configuration first).

If you want to use our packages, as long as your distribution can handle .deb or .rpm, it will work.

Important note: If you use packages in the PackageCloud release repository (stable releases), don't make the switch quite yet. We will let you remind you when we release, in a future blog post.