Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Monthly news

A few things happened last month:
- The google phone, Nexus One was rooted and it has a bcm4329 chipset and it looks promising.
- Airodump-ng (in svn trunk) now has interactive mode: you can control it with keys. You can find the documentation in the wiki.
- A really small (only 10MB) distribution based on MicroCore Linux, console only.
- I'm sure you saw it, Backtrack 4 was released a few weeks ago.
- OSX Compiling (Ticket 687) should be fixed now (svn trunk revision 1657).
- New version of Beini: 1.0 RC5.2
- The developement of the GUI in C# (Mono) is quite active.

Last but not least, aircrack-ng will be 4 years old by the end of february :)