Friday, September 4, 2009

Contests @ Brucon Wireless workshops

UPDATE (Brucon): Please don't crack networks where you were not given permission to crack, thank you.

Brucon is getting closer :)

As I said, I'll give a workshop friday (17h00) and saturday (09h00, I know, it's early) and there will be 2 contests (one each day). The winner will receive an ALFA AWUS036E with a 5dbi antenna:

ALFA AWUS036E + 5dbi antenna

They will be run during the workshop and for both of them you need a laptop and a wireless card. You can use the tools of your choice.
- The first one, friday, you'll have to find an access point outside the convention area.
- And saturday, you'll have to crack the key of an access point (I haven't decided yet if it will be WEP or WPA).

More details will be given during the workshops.


  1. Mister_X, now I'd love to, but I'll be sailing.
    What about you join me again on a (not so rainy) weekend once more....


  2. Hi, i wish i could go to Brucon.. Mister_X make it wpa-psk with some easy pasphrase :)

  3. I won it :)

    Thank you for this gift, it is very powerful and handy !

  4. For those who were not there, can somebody write something about the contests? Just for fun, i sounds me like interesting reading when drinking morning coffee,,

  5. The first (friday) one was an AP that I started outside with a special configuration. The goal was to find this AP (it had a specific essid to be sure not to have a neighbor with the same name), connect to it and show what was the configuration received by dhcp.

    The second one (saturday) was cracking a WEP key of an AP I took during the workshop.

    The 2 cards were won.

  6. thanks Mister_X for this nice sharing and stuff here...its really helping to me and others.