Saturday, April 25, 2009

Finding the author of the DoS

As I said, I know the IP address of the author of the DoS on our website and since he's located in Europe (Spain), it shouldn't be really hard to solve the case with the Computer Crime Unit.

However, I would like to try to solve it with him first. I just want him to contact me ( within 2 weeks to reimburse the bandwidth he generated and explain why he did it and I promise there will be no consequence, no complaint registered.

Thanks a lot

Good news, the website is now up thanks to all donations.

Even if I really like to work on aircrack-ng, it is really great to see a lot of people helping us, and I really want thank them a lot ;)

The other good news is that we now have enough to pay hosting until July (if this kind of DoS doesn't happen again) but please continue, that would be wonderful if donations could cover hosting costs every month.

Last but not least, I promise that I'll try to make that guy pay the traffic he generated.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Paying the bill

I finally found who is the responsible or at least the IP address of the author of this DoS (if generating 1.5Tb of traffic in 2 days and making the monthly traffic exceed thus making the website down is not a DoS, then what is it?) and you can be sure that this guy will have to pay the traffic, sooner or later.

Administrative stuff is taking too long so I think it will be easier to pay the bill now to have the website back up.

Aircrack-ng cost me around 60 euro per month (+ domain names that have to be renewed each year, wireless cards, traffic, ...) and although we have around 30K unique visitors each day, unfortunatly donations are quite low (the total for last year was around 80 euro). The reason why I'm writing this post is to ask for donations to pay that bill (around 130 euro).

So, any donation to (paypal) is really welcome.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Website down

Unfortunatly, the website is down due to an error in traffic calculation.

We usually use 30-40Gbytes per day and we have 1200Gbytes of traffic per month, so enough for each month.
But the 14 and 15 April, their system say we use 688 and 884Gb (= more than 10Mbytes/sec for 24 hours) of traffic (so 20-30 times what we usually use) thus exceeding the allowed traffic per month.

I'm contacting them to try to fix it as soon as possible.

Here is an update:

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Workshop at Brucon 2009

I'll be giving a workshop at Brucon 2009 (18-19 September 2009).


During this workshop, I'll tackle different scenarios that could happen during an audit of WiFi networks (Open, WEP and WPA), including the use of CUDA and FPGA to accelerate cracking.

Aircrack-ng is not only meant for auditing wireless networks, it can also be used for site surveys and different tools based on it will be presented:
- Airgraph-ng, graphing wireless networks and its integration in Maltego.
- GISKismet, representing wireless networks in Google earth.
- And more...

There will also be a contest. More details will follow.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Airodump-ng with native wireless driver on Windows

EDIT: This was an April Fool :)

Altought this is not a final version (a work in progress), here is a version of airodump-ng that works on windows with the native drivers of your wireless card.

Here is a screenshot of the application:

Download link:

Nearly all drivers in windows XP are NDIS. So, to allow/enable monitor mode in the drivers, you have to install a special "driver". Because MS may not like it, I prefer to distribute is via bittorrent: native_rfmon_winxp.torrent

Note: It was tested on Windows XP and with an Intel Pro/Set Wireless 2200. And it requires .NET 2.0.
Note 2: If your wireless card isn't listed, it means the adapter is disabled and you'll have to enable it and restart the application (Right click on "My Network Place" then select "Properties". In the list, right click on your wireless adapter and click on "Enable"). In the final version, it will be fixed and will only list wireless interfaces.

Edit: Here is the video (sorry for the quality, it's not easy to record the screen with a camera).