Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Monthly news (July 2010)

This month I have some really interesting news. A lot of people would like to have Aircrack-ng on their phone (including me) but unfortunatly most phones can't work due to their drivers. Do you remember when I talked about NeoPwn v2 which is BackTrack Mobile?

A beta will be released before BlackHat/Defcon and will include Aircrack-ng. What's really great is that injection works with the internal card of the N900 (the original video can be downloaded here):


They also released 2 additional videos on Youtube:


  • BlackHat conferences will happen the 28th and 29th. Schedule can be found here.
  • Besides BlackHat, there will also be BSides Las Vegas. There aren't as much talks as in BlackHat but they look really interesting.
  • Defcon 18 (29 July - 1 August) posted the final schedule a week ago.
  • Starting from 2011, the Wifi Alliance will not allow WEP and TKIP in certified Wifi devices. You can read more about it on WiFiNetNews.
  • I missed the update (v2.1.7) of the patch for FreeRadius-WPE (Wireless Pwnage Edition) released in May.