Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Aircrack-ng.org new main page design

We are currently working on a new website, and more precisely on the entry of www.aircrack-ng.org.

This is not meant to replace the wiki but it is meant to give a quicker access to the most used things on the main page of the wiki and a better overview of the important things.

It will be installed next to the wiki and thus nothing will change for you (you won't have to change your bookmarks).

What do you think about the new main page?


  1. It looks ok even with 800x600 resolution and renders correctly on a lot of browsers on Linux/Windows/MacOS and FreeBSD (Tested with browsershots.org).

    However it currently doesn't render correctly on IE 5.5 and Dillo. Anybody knows how to fix it for IE 5.5?

  2. don't fix it for ie 5, ie 6 at most.

  3. I like the design is very simple and easy to understand, but I think it needs a title (next to the image of aircrack) and more interaction from the wiki page, because using the site sends you to the wiki But if you want to see more things you must return the page manually.

  4. Can you give one or more example for the interaction from the wiki page?

  5. I mean that if I navigate to the page of aircrack, should be able to keep on the page, at least this should be the menu 'misc'
    if I press on the Installation menu, could appear like this:
    or click on Donations:

    I refer to the interaction, because if you use the menu on the page sends me to the wiki page, and if I want to continue browsing the site I go back manually from the wiki.

    Well, just a suggestion, that the page is the page and the wiki is the wiki

  6. White on black background looks like an X-rated page to anyone looking over my shoulder..