Friday, July 6, 2012

Forum and trac/svn up


June has been a very busy month for me, I didn't really have time to work on the forum and I apologize for that.
I've been working for the past week on bringing back up all those services. Trac and svn were safe to use and brought back up a few days ago and I spent a few more days to clean up the forum and migrate it to a new server. Nothing was lost and your login/passwords are still the same.

Since it is on a new machine, on its own, it should be faster than before and I can tell you that it is also better protected (I listened to your advices) :)
In this case, it also means a new IP and thus it might in some cases take a day or two for DNS to spread. How do you know you reached the new one?
Two ways:
  • Open it in a browser, the old forum will return a 403 Forbidden, so if you don't have that, you're good.
  • Do a nslookup It should return

Please send me feedback about the forum in the comments, especially if you have issues with it (I'll try to address them).



  1. hi... i cannot still access the forums, very long response

    but, i tried nslookup

    Non-authoritative answer:

    how it going on ?

  2. Weird, I just tried and it works fine for me and I'm pretty far away from the server.
    Could you email me or pm me your IP address?

  3. Hi Mister_X
    I can't register on forum!
    Visual verification numbers doesn't show!
    I'm getting errors in gif images!
    Openning them directly in firefox says "... it containes errors."
    and trying to download them using wget gives "403 Forbidden!" (only for Visual verification images and not the forum - I can see the forum and other images in it! - )

  4. Forum is timing out. And trac/SVN keeps intermittently giving me Forbidden.