Thursday, May 10, 2012

How to contribute?

I got an email asking how to contribute to Aircrack-ng. He was telling me that he did not find any information about it.

He was right, there was nothing written yet; it's kinda implicit but let's address that.

So, first of all, make sure to work on the latest subversion revision and make your modifications in it. Don't remove the subversion control directory (.svn) and files.

About the code, it MUST be GPL or GPLv2 and allow OpenSSL exception (see the license exception in every single source code file).
You can add comment to your diff file at the top, before the line beginning with +++. It is displayed by trac (and you can easily read them) but the advantage is that it is ignored by patch when applying the patch. Make it clear in that section that your patch is GPL or GPLv2 and allow OpenSSL exception.

Another thing about the code: make sure that your code is easy to read and well commented. I'm talking about smart comments and documenting code that is not obvious. I found a post about it and he uses Javascript but it applies to every other language.
Ah yeah, don't address several issues with a single patch. One patch = one issue.

Once you're done, you have to create a difference (or a patch, that's the same thing). Thanks to subversion, it is very easy to do: just issue 'svn diff > PATCH_FILE.diff' and you're done.
Important note: If your changes added files, make sure to do a 'svn add' for each of them. If you don't do it, the added files won't be included in the patch.

Once you're done all that, you can create a new ticket on our trac, fill all the fields (if you are not sure how to fill some of them, don't worry, I'll do it) and attach the patch. If you have any issue doing so, feel free to shoot me an email with all the details, I'll post it.
If you have several patches and they need to be applied in a specific order (affecting the same file), add a number in front of the name of the patch so that I know how to apply them or explain the order of the patches in the ticket.

That's it :)

If you have other questions, post them in the comments, and I'll update this post to address them.

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