Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Monthly news (May 2010)

- Aircrack-ng 1.1 was released a bit more than a week ago. A lot of bug fixes (including the buffer overflow in different tools) and improvements have been done. The most noticeable changes are the addition of airdrop-ng by TheX1le and the interaction in airodump-ng.
The following screenshot shows some of the possibilities of the interaction (more details in the wiki and in the manpage). In this case, when you color an AP, its clients are automatically colored the same:

- criser released v0.8 of his C# (Mono) GUI, wepcrack. He uses git for his source control and if you want to use the latest source and don't know much git, read the following. He is looking for someone who can design an icon for his software.
- Zermolo released permutator beta 1.3. It generates incremental wordlists/dictionaries based on your needs. The package by Jano contains the source code and an Ubuntu package.

- ShamanVirtuel released a GUI to capture WPA handshakes called Autohs-GUI. His project is hosted on Google Code along with a few other programs.

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