Monday, April 5, 2010

Monthly news (April 2010)

Project news:
- ebfe, who created airolib-ng, released an exploit for airodump-ng, aircrack-ng, airdecap-ng. You can find more information in his blog (Post 1, Post 2) but it just makes the tools crash, no real exploit released. It will be fixed in the next few days before the release (v1.1).
- Nearly everything has been moved to the new server, only forum, trac and buildbot needs to be moved :).
- Do you remember I wrote that trac didn't display svn commits for some unknown reason? That's now fixed, I just had to comment out a line in trac.ini.
- For those who can't open the website due to URL filtering, use It's not a mirror, it points to the exact same content as

Forum news:
- Patches to override the regulatory domain for ath5k, ath9k and ar9170.
- The work on the C# GUI for aircrack-ng, WepCrackGUI, continues. And here is a blog post in italian about it.
- Beini now has its own website. Here is the forum thread.
- Wordlist generation:
    * Here and there
    * Here is a script by Zermolo to generate wordlist with only numbers, called permutate and another post in the same thread about the same subject with JTR.
    * Creating custom rules for John.
    * Word field is an incremental word list generator.

Other news:
- I'll speak at Sharkfest. It will take place in the main campus of the Standford University, June 14-17.
- Ever heard about NeoPwn? Version 2 will be based on the Nokia N900 and will be Backtrack Mobile.
- Remember spoonwep and spoonwep 2? Shamanvirtuel is working on spoonwep 3. Public beta release is planned between 15th-30th April.
- If you're using SliTaz, you might be interested to know that they released v3.0 a week ago.

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